The Ultimate Guide for Standing Out in the Clothing Market

April 18, 2021


New shop owner? An existing owner who wants to improve his shop’s performance or a clothes store owner who is facing difficulties?

Whatever your situation is, with this simple and informational guide you will discover the secrets that can assure the success of your clothes shop.

Customer Experience

If there is someone that can say you how to handle in the best way your customers or what has to be ameliorated in your shop, this is the customer. What you have to do is to listen to him.


Make sure that in all of your pages there are sections where the customer can express his opinion about your services, leave comments, post a review, or even make complaints – and all of these, as far as the online environment of your shop is concerned. For those with a physical store, at the exit of the shop, you could have a mean where the buyer can rate his experience pushing just a button e.g. 3 buttons; poor experience, good experience, completely satisfactory experience.


Otherwise, you or your staff can ask directly and briefly your clients for their feedback and in this way, you can have any additional and specific comments they might have.

Why will you be benefited from this “experience collection”?

In case of a season with lower sales, you will take into your consideration this feedback, you will examine it, and you will conclude what has to be done for recovery. And not essentially in case of a bad season, just for development, you can see what your customers need, what do they want, what didn’t satisfy them, and what liked them…



Your Own Brand

This is a tactic that you can notice in the top players of the clothing and fashion field. The personal branding. It is vital you have your own collections that are always modern and into the trends, but at the same time are unique and different from what others offer.

ethical fashion

Customers always want to see the difference, while they are keen on buying fashionable pieces.


Moreover, when we refer to branding we aren’t talking just about the identity of your designs, we are talking about the whole image of your online or IRL (In Real Life) shop. Pay attention to your store’s design. In an e-shop be careful about the colors and the way you have set up your environment…it has to be related to your clothing brand to showcase the whole unique image!


In a physical store, there are more practical optimizations to adapt your store to your brand such as the music.


  • A calm beat playing in the background, for instance.


  • Another general and important piece of advice is to renew the content of your shop window. Try to add catchy pieces and state clearly your offers or your new releases, while the more often you renew, the better.


  • A further secret is to create a selfie-corner inside the store, where there may be a clever and fancy background for selfies or just a lovely corner for some pics. What will happen? The customers – mainly youngsters and girls – will stay longer in your shop and uploading this selfie on social media they will share their location, namely your store… free advertisement.

However, you might say that such optimizations will not be completely efficient, as your buyers may vary and older people will not be fascinated with a selfie-corner or younger customers may don’t like a serious design in the store.

Identify Your Target Customer

You might have middle and upper-class customers, you might have both male and female customers, you might have both old and young customers…


Whatever it is, you can’t sell to everyone. A popular quote says that “If you sell to everyone, you sell to none”. Even if you have a variety to your buyers, they have something in common – and as a result, every person with these common features is probably your target audience.

Why is identifying your target audience important? Think of it as a close person of you, like a relative, and someone unknown to you. Which of them could you treat and persuade better? I suppose your relative… someone that you know his character, his tensions, his attitude.

The same applies to your target buyers. Should you understand who they are, you will adapt your provisions to their expectations and instantly you will have repeat and satisfied customers.


Up-selling is the technique of selling to someone who has just made a purchase. It aims at impulsive purchases and it has 2 different tactics, based on online and IRL stores.

universal clothes
  • IRL stores

The way to achieve up-selling in a real-life purchase is based on the way you have set up your products. You don’t have to talk and suggest your buyers buy something extra; you may be annoying, instead, just place some accessories near the cash desk. When the customer is waiting for his clothes to be packaged, his receipt, or his change he is seeing a variety of “small” things like bracelets, necklaces, rings, belts, socks, wallets, hats, colognes, and any other accessories which may set up with the clothes he has already purchased, so he is susceptible to buy something extra.


  • E-shops

In E-shops, the up-selling technique can be applied via a “Thank you page”. After a purchase or before the order’s checkout you can add a message which will suggest, in general, other potential clothes or accessories that can also set up with what the customer has already decided to buy. If you have an advanced system you are even able to create this message, suggesting other stuff based on the specific product that has been bought. Otherwise, after the whole buying process in the “Thank you page”, you can add something like: other people also viewed… recommending other popular products – which can also have their customer reviews below them.

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