Summer 2020

Summer Reflections

Dear all valuable customers,

A few days before our new spring summer catalog is printed, our country as well as the whole world faces a very difficult crisis due to the coronavirus threat… Since last July, it has been decided by all of our team to dedicate our new collection to ethical and sustainable fashion. There has never been a more suitable time than now, to prove this necessity.

Our planet has been shouting SOS for decades but we haven’t been listening… Now we are obliged to do this more than ever. It is important for the industry of fashion, having lot of awareness and knowledge, as well as media and publicity strength, to guide people to this path with seriousness and responsibility. All of our clothes are made with love and respect to the environment. Our fabrics are eco produced and can be worn a lot of times in order to reduce energy sources.

This is the first time that fashion has to make more than a statement, has to create and inspire as well as being ethically correct. We hope that during these difficult days we are to the point, and the right time has come, before it’s too late, to show everyone that there is hope for change


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