Spring Summer 2022

Carpe Diem

seize the day

If you are a free spirit and you enjoy the now as a walking goddess and you want a life in colour and casual elegance, if you want to live the bohemian dream exploring the world beyond the comfort zone in a pure and simple way with a little bit of magic, if you feel as free as the ocean and you need a vacation, it is time for you to join Platinum Fashion’s world!

We work together for a better present and a promising future!

With love and respect,

The Platinum Fashion team!


Aesthete 05
Eudaimonia 03
ethereal 01
Rhapsodic 04
ethereal 04
ethereal 04
Aesthete 02
kefi 01
Rhapsodic 08
kefi 02
Paralian 02
Ecstacy 05
ethereal 07
Aesthete 01
Polychromatic 01
Eudaimonia 01
Eudaimonia 01
Eudaimonia 01

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