Our Story

Be what YOU want to be and not what others want for you.
Your outfit is the perfect means towards that direction.

It all started back in the 90s’.

That’s when the company was founded after its two founders joined forces and combined their skills into establishing Platinum Fashion.

Anna Kypreou, having studied graphic design and photography and charmed by the world of fashion and women’s clothing, had the vision. Michalis Epitzoglou joined her vision with his business skills and sales experience. They first started to take baby steps in a 40m² basement and they finally/shortly managed to develop Platinum Fashion into what it is today: a remarkable firm, widely known both nationally and globally.

Along the way, Platinum Fashion, has become a family of approximately 20 members with a large network of partners who trust and support it.

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Our Identity

The clothes and accessories manufactured are mainly for women. However, in 2020, a mini men’s line has been launched. Our creative team designs and organizes the collections every season by following the developments of fashion, anticipating the needs of the future.

Through this process, a personal identity of the firm has been created with boho-chic and minimal features, which make it stand out. It addresses the modern woman who is interested in being dressed in beautiful and comfortable clothes that match with her soul and reflect her personality.

“Be what YOU want to be and not what the others want for you. Your outfit is the perfect means towards that direction.”

Around the World

The Platinum fashion team travels all around the world with focus on Asia and especially countries such as India, Nepal, Thailand, etc., looking for fabrics, prints and special techniques that each country has to offer. The contact with various different cultures offers inspiration for creating quality collections with pieces that, in any case, can only be referred to as “good value for money”.

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The Vision

Not only as individuals but also as a company, Platinum Fashion has shown great awareness towards the problem of the sustainability of the planet.

Feeling the need to actively contribute to the change and solution of the problem, the company has been collaborating with new suppliers since 2019 and has been exploring the field of ecological fabric production.

The aim is to make its production mainly ethical and sustainable gradually until 2021. This practice is not just a fashion trend – it is a necessity.

We respond to the challenges of our time with creativity and vision!

This vision is what we want to share with you!

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