Market Your Clothes Shop As A Professional

May 5, 2021

Platinum Fashion Market Your Clothes Shop As A Professional


As far as its marketing is concerned, the clothing industry is highly affected by circumstances and different seasons. In the reality of 2021, there have been developed effective marketing tactics that can skyrocket your traffic and sales. So, let’s get right into them… 

The Professional Social Media Marketing 

The significance of social media exposure can be obvious nowadays, but let’s highlight some basic secrets to efficiently perform your social media marketing.

Let the prospect without doubts on how he can get in touch with you – or your product: Post on your page all of your info like links, contact email, phone number, etc. If you have structured your Facebook page, set up a chatbot on messenger that can also be connected with Instagram. 


Meaningful posts: Create a scenario behind every post. Show a sequence of actions in a photo where people will be wearing your clothing. However, it doesn’t need to have a professional Hollywood direction for every post. Simply, keep about one-third of posts with a “scenario” and the rest can be updating ones or whatever – but, show professionalism.

Product tags: Never forget pricing tags in every one of your products in the post that will lead the prospect directly to the shopping page.

Content creation: we will refer later to it. 

The appropriate hours: An overriding way to get more views and exposure is to identify your audience and post when they are active! For example, a page with content for business people, with 9 to 5 jobs, should post the morning hours (7.30 – 8.30 am) before these people go to work – when they may check their social with their morning coffee – and in their coffee breaks at work (e.g. 10.45 am, 12.45 am and so on) 

And these were the free tactics.

Any available budget for advertising? Invest it for sure in social media marketing! Run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as there you can focus easily on your target age/sex group and the exposure is ensured due to the extremely wide usage of social media.

How Clothing Should Be Promoted


Clothes are a particular category of products, so they have to be advertised… as clothes.

Try to upload photos on your website, e-shop, or social media page with the clothes being worn. Put people wearing your collection in front of the camera – not just the piece of cloth – and you aren’t required to hire a model!

You need someone who just fits perfectly the shirt/pants and has a well-shaped body (which is also optional, since your brand can vary on the type of body shapes. It just needs someone who can highlight what he/she is wearing)

Moreover, when it comes to photo-shooting, pay more attention to your lighting and background over a good camera.

Content Creation

A main tactic of digital marketing in the last few years is content creation. The method to captivate your audience and make it follow you and after providing value to them, promoting, at the same time, your brand as a problem-solver.

Here, the point is how to apply it effectively in the clothing industry…

Let me explain!


Firstly, you have to identify the channels through which you will create content. Social media pages are such a channel and further basic ones are emailing (newsletters), blog articles, and YouTube videos.

In social media, you should keep your stories full every 24 hours and post every day or every 3 days, permanently.

*Note: if you find it too demanding to keep this posting rate, try to avoid the content on days when the Instagram or Facebook traffic is low anyway, such as the day before Christmas – according to social media analytics.

About emailing, one sure tip here is that the emails have to vary. You can send newsletters with season trends, clothing tips, or sets of clothes appropriate for an event. You can also send promotional emails or sales emails with an aim to sell your new arrivals, your new collection, or in general your products – and performing this marketing email strategy well, you can easily achieve high numbers of conversions and sales.

Also, you can combine these types of emails, or you can even find a complete set email strategy online to follow. The bottom line is that you should be in your prospects’ inbox no matter what, providing them with value to make them follow you (without spammy messages of course).

Finally, with Blog Articles and Youtube Videos you can “educate” your audience about what they want to learn and them having them being familiar with you or your brand. In our case, topics as dressing tips, season clothing, and modern trends are very popular. A great and widely followed method is to close these articles or videos with a CTA for one of your products related to the topic.

Google My Business

Google my business is an innovative idea of Google that has released a cutting edge way of promoting – equally beneficial both for Google and the businessman.

What are your benefits of introducing your business in Google my business?


People can find you far more easily. In general searches such as “clothes” shops or “local stores” etc you are able to be appeared by Google.

You will also be placed in Google Maps which is an additional exposure with zero promotion by you.

Additional advantage: A full overview for the customer. Your page on google my business can be as detailed as your physical store! There is a full display of your brand: Your images, your logo, your name, your brand’s IDENTITY.

Undeniable is the ability for direct customer contact. Such a page is full of your business details. This fact, not only does it provide communication without struggle, but it shows safety and validity. It creates trust.

Last but not least, the Google business account is a highly efficient way to monitor your business, with numerous different graphics, analytics, and statistics being displayed.

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