Identify Your Target Fashion Buyers And Control Their Psychology

May 10, 2021



A vital factor for the success of your clothing store – either physical or digital – is the way you have control over your customers. The main issue is to identify your target customer… to learn who are you selling to… and afterward how to handle your customers’ psychology to build your reputation and market value!

So, you will have everything explained in a few minutes.

The 4 Step Process Of Identifying Your Ideal Customer



1) Meticulous examination of your brand  

First of all, you have to analyze your brand. List every single piece of clothing and identify its features and benefits. 

When it comes to clothing, such features and benefits could be the appropriate season for the clothes or the style they cover.

2) Market research 

Get information about your competitors and the other stores that provide a similar brand. Then, where you should focus on is their customers. 

Significant details are: how did their customers find their brand, why did they 5choose them, what did they like, where are they from? 

Also, the same questions you have to answer for your existing customers – if you already have any. 

3) Data concentration 

Now, it’s time to concentrate the collected info and conclude to 2 things: 

  • What are the common features of your target buyers 

  • What needs of them your brand cover 

After all that points, you will know who your target audience is and what it takes to satisfy it!

Why Knowing Your Target Customers Is Important?

Think of it as a close person of you, like a relative, and someone unknown to you. Which of them could you treat and persuade better? I suppose your relative… someone that you know his character, his tensions, his attitude.


The same applies to your target buyers. Should you understand who they are, you will adapt your provisions to their expectations, and instantly you will have repeat and satisfied customers.


A popular quote says that “when you sell to anyone, you sell to none” and this is the case because focusing on a group of people can make you specialized in them.

With knowledge about your target buyers, you will adjust your shop’s environment, you will make optimizations on your sales funnel, based on them, and in general, you will personalize their whole experience.

Improve And Handle Customer Psychology


  • How to treat your customers

One of the first guidelines for an employee to his/her staff is that they have to be 100% friendly, patient, and helpful. 

The customer should be welcomed gently and with a smile, while a question such as “what can I do for you?” should not be missing – but without that means that the buyer needs always help, some of them prefer browsing in the shop themselves. 


Additionally, people love socialization. Suggest your employees be friendly and fully approachable, answering questions and talking to the customers with positive energy. 

Note: for bigger stores, where there is the ability to choose among candidates for a position with interaction with customers, it’s better to opt for sociable people with sense of humor!


  • The personnel’s attitude 

Your employees’ attitude should be mainly characterized by patience and willingness for help. 100 different customers are 100 different characters of people. All of them have different shopping habits, different thoughts when shopping, and different decision-making power. 

How can your customer service be adapted to such a variety? With patience, as I said. The employee should wait and let the prospect think and examine whatever he wants. Then, he/she should be ready to come up with any solution that is required. 

Here, it’s important we refer to the knowledge of your staff. Any person servicing customers, should know everything about clothes, information about the store and your competitors, and be ready to discuss any potential issue, concerning the products. 

For bigger businesses, take advantage of technology and ensure that real-time communication among the staff is excellent and effective. 

For sure, there are far more fundamentals on staff training, but the above-mentioned points are vital and have the bigger significance.

3 Top-Notch Secrets For Skyrocketing Your Customers’ Psychology


3 Top-Notch Secrets For Skyrocketing Your Customers' Psychology

1) Store’s atmosphere 

The creation of a lovely atmosphere and energy inside the clothes shop is of great importance and affects directly your daily sales and the long-term value of the shop. 

Why does this happen? Because, in this way, you empower your brand’s power. As it is mentioned, you should focus on your target buyers that are directly connected with your brand’s identity. So the whole atmosphere should be also adapted to them to make them feel comfortable. 

When it comes to the store’s atmosphere,  you mainly have to consider: 

  • Music 

  • Decoration  

  • Design 

  • Lighting 

And small changes should be done during seasons.


2) Remove the currency sign 

The price tags, want it or not, are where customers pay huge attention during their shopping experience. So, seeing the currency ($, €, £, etc) next to the price, reminds them that they have to pay – something that is obvious, yet isn’t something that people want. 

Removing the currency is a small psychological and marketing trick that increases the possibility for the buyer to purchase easily and in a bigger quantity. 

Moreover, where the price for a product is known (eg. on leaflets or catalogs) it should also be removed for the same reason.


3) Separate the affordable and not products

When you showcase a mix of affordable and cheap clothes with more costly ones the sure way that the customer will follow is what benefits his pocket. 

Either in your physical or in your online store, with a combination of cheap and expensive products, the cheap ones will always be chosen over the expensive clothes. 

What do you have to do is state to the buyer what the expensive and the low-priced clothes are. 

Sounds weird? 

In fact, it’s the most effective way to sell your “high-ticket” products. Just say to your customer that here you have the upper-level quality, the new-released and most modern pieces and they will understand that they will have to pay accordingly.

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