How to Start a Clothing E-shop in 2021

June 14, 2021

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In 2021, the online industries are some extremely boomed ones, with clothing e-shops being also too competitive. In that field, a certain way to success is a strategy. A proven procession that can lead your actions and give you some basic and vital points for your beginning in the clothing industry as an e-shop owner.

Such a step-by-step guide is analyzed below and is structured to help you make the difference!

Identify your goals


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First and foremost, it is considerable that you predetermine your ambitions in this beginning. Identify, at first, what your goals are and what do you expect from this store.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • When do I want my shop to be done?

  • When do I want to start making profit?

  • Am I willing to hire stuff?

  • How much time per day am I able to dedicate to my business?

… and so on.

It’s kind of like a business plan, but it has to do more with yourself. What you should keep in mind is to make it a success plan.

This means that in case all your pre-written goals are accomplished, you will have the perfect business, according to what you want.

This method will enable you to have the best possible performance in your business. In a potential downturn or in a sudden drop in sales you will be able to cope with the situation.

  • You will simply run back to your starting goals and see what those goals were?

  • Which’s unaccomplishment led to the current problem?

  • What did I say in the beginning will do to accomplish this goal?

And you can overcome the biggest number of problems – that has to do with you.


Find your target audience – Establish your competition

Let’s get into the practical stuff…

The first step to your marketing strategy has to be the establishing of your target audience.

Target audience is a specific group of people characterized by common features, with a main one being the suitability for buying from you.


Some factors that can help you establish your target audience are: Age, sex, style, financial situation.

But, one more time, the general rule is that your target audience should be appropriate for your brand’s provisions.

Why is identifying your target audience important?

Think of it as a close person of you, like a relative, and someone unknown to you.

Which of them could you treat and persuade better?

We suppose your relative… someone that you know his character, his tensions, his attitude.

And by identifying your target audience you also identify your competition – and gain an important advantage over it.

When you address to a specific niche (in this case specific target audience), as a result your competition is also limited to this niche.

Hence, when your competition is also limited you can handle it easier and grow in the market effectively.

Build your aesthetic – Start your E-shop

It is time to start the construction of your e-shop and except for the technical tips, one vital factor you should have under your consideration is the aesthetic… the design of your e-shop.


This design has to do with things like the color theme of your page, the front in the texts or the pictures you have for filling the page.

Our advice for that setting isn’t for you to be careful, about the whole image, or to be sure that there is a smooth theme transition over the pages.

What we want to say is to adapt your online environment to your target audience.

For example, if you come to the conclusion that your target audience is adolescents and generally the youth, you have to work accordingly.

  • Fancy designs and modern layout in the menu
  • Maybe a fast and catchy video with young people wearing your clothes in the first page

  • A simple and friendly font like this “Hello, welcome”

  • If there is the ability, try to have young people pictured for displaying your clothes. That means adapting my provisions to my target audience

This help it to trust you, to feel more relaxed when shopping and to find your environment 100% friendly… and all of these lead to a significantly higher percentage of sales.

Look for wholesale suppliers


The supplier is the one who will assure the basic thing, namely the clothes! In the process of this research it is vital you have some criteria in your mind before making the decision and opt for a supplier who meets some basic requirements! 


  • Originality in the products

Originality ensures your brand’s identity and engages more customers and interests. 


  • Market knowledge

Your retail supplying brand should know what sells and what is in interest by the consumers – on a permanent basis, as the preferences are constantly changing. 


  • Availability

Suppliers with high availability should be capable of providing fast and helpful customer support in agent moments as well as a system that receives complaints or an inner method of communication for partners 


  • Organization – Updates

Suppliers are entrepreneurs and as every entrepreneur, they should be organized, when it comes to their niche and duties.

Master Pricing Strategy

As far as the pricing of your shop is concerned, nobody can evaluate the exact price of your products. Yet, in the clothing industry there has been found a really winning pricing strategy for your e-shop.



The rule “double minus 10”

There has been developed a truly effective pricing strategy that can tell you how to price each product, taking into consideration 2 main factors: the wholesale prices and the average competitor price. 

This strategy says that the price of each product should be double than the wholesale price and 10% off from the average price your competition offers the same product. 

For example, you buy a pair of pants at wholesale price for $20 which is sold by your competition for $40. Your price has to be about $36-37. Make the calculations… 20×2=40, 40 • 10/100 = 4, 40-4=36.

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