Dedicated to Renaissance Woman

Renaissance (15th – 16th century)

It is the time of revival in Europe of Greek philosophy, development and activity in fields such as art, literature, science.

An era that gave birth to brilliant minds and genius artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by that period, the term “Renaissance Woman” refers to the woman of today. All of us who are “reborn” through our multiple interests, our skills in different areas and our effort to get to know and evolve aspects of ourselves and the world we live in.

You are a writer, poet, human rights activist, dancer, actor, you play the piano, you learn a foreign language, you do yoga, you are interested in psychology, cooking, decoration, photography .. You are interested in everything ..

No one can put a label on you because you are many things!

Maybe when you went to school, or now in everyday life, you have the curiosity to learn everything. Wherever you go, there is something new. You see beauty in everything. You are never bored. If you are in a group with scientists, you will be full of questions, if you associate with artists you will want to immerse yourself in art.

You know how to appreciate everything in life. You put your mind and your heart and your soul into everything you do. You want to expand your experience in many areas.

If these characteristics concern you, if you constantly want to grow and learn about everything and everything, then you are a “Renaissance Woman”.

Our new collection is dedicated to you!

Platinum Fashion team


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