4 Tips To Increase Your Clothing Sales

March 30, 2021

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When it comes to the clothing industry the demand is high and you have to make the difference and offer something special, if you seek to grow your value in the market. So, we examined carefully the situation and we are here to give you 4 tips if you are serious about standing out from your competition.

Let’s get right into it and in the end of this article we are to show you the best possible ways the given tips can be applied.

Tip 1 – Eco Fashion


Mostly as human beings, and after that as shop owners, we have to take to our concern the environment in any one of our actions. Here is when eco fashion comes in the field of clothing. So, eco fashion emanates from modern people’s and customers’ love for eco-friendly products made by natural fabrics which are appropriate for the skin and don’t contain chemicals.


There are some natural materials that are widely used and preferred even by the top eco-fashion designers. Some of them are:


  • Bamboo which keep our skin in lovely temperatures. It grows quickly using minimal resources.

  • Banana which is widely cultivated to replace synthetic materials and to protect the environment. It is very durable but soft and as long as it is washed it becomes softer and softer without being corrupted.

  • Cotton that is also skin-friendly and has nice texture

Introducing this type of products to your shop, you will make a huge amelioration and you are about to broaden your variety and provisions via a really loved and accepted sector. This action is a stepping stone to a highly better reputation, as well.


The whole point is to find the suitable supplier; someone who is reliable and willing to give his best effort to produce pieces of clothes based on eco-fashion.

Tip 2 – Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

ethical fashion

Sustainable fashion is more about dealing with textiles or fashion products. Includes dealing with the entire fashion system.


The ethical and sustainable fashion is a more overall perception. It cares about the sustainable and ethical process of products from the scratch, namely the collection of the demanded materials, until the delivery process to the cloth shops.


Ethical clothing shops supply their products from factors and suppliers who can guarantee you that the clothes you are wearing apart from being naturally made are made with respect to workers rights. The whole procedure should be done with concern about the rules of safety and protection of employees, having employees paid with at least the minimum legal salary and last but not least without employed children in the facilities – a fact that plagues to an alarming rate the clothing industry.


Customers on their turn, seeing shops that follow ethical and sustainable fashion are keener on opting them for their purchases. It is given the sense of reliability and responsibility.

Tip 3 – Original designs


A successful store needs to have one specific trait: its original clothes. Stores, if the want to occupy a part of the market, should have their own identity – they should build their own brand that has to be 100% original in order to receive actual recognition.


All of these will be achieved with unique pieces of clothing in your shop. It is overriding you show to your target buyers that you have something intriguing to offer and something that has your personal signature, in contrast with the rest of the market. However, don’t misunderstand my words. The creation of your store’s brand should be based in the trends and the fashion standards of the current period.


One issue that arises here is that you need again a supplier that meets the above-mentioned requirements and is willing to help you build the brand you need. Yet, one solution will be given at the end of this article.

Tip 4 – Universal Clothes

universal clothes

One certain move that will increase sales and mainly will provide significant value to women’s needs is the universal clothes; clothes that apply to any women, of all ages and of all body shape. Your shop should be the appropriate place for women without the perfect body measurements.


Furthermore, your designs are important to emphasize to the best parts of women’s body without essentially someone being a model – but, don’t forget to focus on eco-fashion even at this category of clothes. A woman shopping from your store should feel understood and that there is something here adapted to her needs, no matter what are these.


The mistake which is done by even widely known brands and chain stores is that they provide only a restricted variety of women clothing. And with the “variety” I don’t mean the available styles or designs of clothes but the available clothes adapted to women with different bodies.


However, even for this important tip you need the appropriate supplier who can take seriously your purposes.


And here is when is our turn to help and resolve your needs in order for you to have a store which follows eco-fashion, has products that are made ethically and sustainably, has its own unique designs and is equipped with clothing that is special for every single woman!

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Why are we telling you all of this with that confidence?

Because, our company works in the retail field in which it has been offering eco-fashion working ethically for 35 years – before even this situation becomes trend – and we are on pace with the fashion cooperating always with young and ambitious people. This mindset is the way our company has for a long period of time, while our partners love the original designs we provide which can be included in your own shop, as well, to make it different and positively unique.

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