Our story

It all started back in the 90s’.

That’s when the company was founded after its two founders joined forces and combined their skills into establishing Platinum Fashion.

Anna Kypreou, having studied graphic design and photography and charmed by the world of fashion and women’s clothing, had the vision.
Michalis Epitzoglou joined her vision with his business skills and sales experience.

Today, the company is more like a family of 20 members with a large network of partners who trust and support it.

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Free Spirits

Walking Goddess

Enjoy the Now

Pure and Simple




Life in





As free As the Ocean

I need A Vacation

Beyond the

Comfort Zone

A little bit

of Magic


spring summer 2021 cover

Spring Summer 2022

If you are a free spirit and you enjoy the now as a walking goddess and you want a life in colour and casual elegance, if you want to live the bohemian dream exploring the world beyond the comfort zone in a pure and simple way with a little bit of magic, if you feel as free as the ocean and you need a vacation, it is time for you to join Platinum Fashions’ world!

We work together for a better present and a promising future!

With love and respect,

Platinum Fashion team!

Fall winter 21/22

Dedicated to Renaissance Woman

Renaissance (15th – 16th century)

It is the time of revival in Europe of Greek philosophy, development and activity in fields such as art, literature, science.

An era that gave birth to brilliant minds and genius artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. Inspired by that period, the term “Renaissance Woman” refers to the woman of today. All of us who are “reborn” through our multiple interests, our skills in different areas and our effort to get to know and evolve aspects of ourselves and the world we live in.

Platinum Fashion home winter games 2020
spring summer 2021 cover

Spring Summer 2021

(n) a person who travels from place to place

In platinum fashion we work with dedication, so we can offer the best quality products in the best prices.
Our products are tailored to our client’s needs with utmost care.
Despite these volatile times, we searched far and wide to find innovative new ideas with ethical and sustainable fashion as our guide and vision.
We feel deeply devoted to the responsibility we carry for people and our planet.
Our new collection “Peripatetic” ensues a forward looking aspect with positivity and a hope for the “journeys” we will be on soon!

Fall winter 20/21

Escape the ordinary
Platinum Fashion home winter games 2020
Cover ss20-summer reflections

Summer 2020

Summer Reflections

A few days before our new spring summer catalog is printed, our country as well as the whole world faces a very difficult crisis due to the coronavirus threat… Since last July, it has been decided by all of our team to dedicate our new collection to ethical and sustainable fashion. There has never been a more suitable time than now, to prove this necessity.

Winter Games 19/20

Hide or chic is the name of our new fashion Campaign for autumn winter 19-20. The name of our collection represents the identity of our fashion brand. Fashion is a game, that has rules but also changes year to year, season to season.. That’s why Platinum Fashion is always alert to embrace new talents, new ideas and new collaborations.
Platinum Fashion home winter games 2020
Cover SS19

Spring Summer 2019

Muse of Blossom

Having inspirations from India and all around the Mediterranean Sea, Platinum Fashion brings you all the Spring-Summer 2019 trends. We have created a collection of pieces that brings out the feminine as well as the powerful side of every woman.